The top-selling secret lies within the brand’s patented “Air Pulse Technology,” which is said to achieve the effect of “touch-free stimulation.” The vibrator is crafted with a soft silicone tip that surrounds the clitoris and, when turned on, releases gentle pulsating pressure waves. One reviewer describes the feeling as “like suction, yes, but not quite. It sorta feels like a vibrator, but not exactly. The best way I can explain it is that you create this ‘vacuum’ by creating the seal around your most sensitive bits, and then there’s something inside that vibrates just above the clitoris but doesn’t touch it. The suction, combined with the motion, it’s a very unique feeling. I’m having a difficult time describing it, so let me just say — it’s amazing.” Other bonuses include waterproof capabilities, a 15-year product protection plan, whisper-quiet vibrating, USB charging, and the ability to accessorize down the road with additional bells and whistles (check out the brand’s official Amazon storefront for Satisfyer attachments). 

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