In its rapidly-growing array of products, Ancient Nutrition now offers collagen, protein, probiotics, vitamins, herbal supplements, greens powders, and more, with a slew of touted benefits. The brand’s website allows you to shop by focus, with use cases including everyday health, gut and digestion, immune support, joint health, stress and sleep, energy and concentration, fitness, beauty, and prenatal.

For this Ancient Nutrition review, I tested the Organic SuperGreens powder, Organic SuperGreens + Collagen powder, Multi-Collagen Protein Beauty Within powder, Matcha Collagen powder, and the brand’s signature Bone Broth Protein powder (in chocolate, of course).

I was pleased to find that the brand uses a concise list of clinically studied ingredients without any alarming additives. The SuperGreens powders are made with a blend of greens, fruits, and vegetables, such as organic alfalfa leaf juice, organic chlorella, and organic kale leaf; digestion supporting ingredients like organic flax seed, organic chia seed, and probiotics; and other superfoods like ashwagandha, reishi, turmeric, and ginger.*

Ancient Nutrition’s bone broth protein uses sustainably-sourced chicken bone broth concentrate from non-GMO, U.S.-farmed chickens—and the brand also makes a vegan protein made with a mix of seven superfood seeds.

The collagen powders use the brand’s proprietary fermented eggshell membrane ingredient, which is meant to absorb faster to provide speedy results. Like the bone broth, the collagen comes from non-GMO, pasture-raised and grass-fed, cage-free sources.

My one qualm with the Ancient Nutrition ingredients is that the powders do contain “natural flavors” (i.e., flavoring chemicals), xanthan gum, and stevia, which I personally prefer to limit. I will say, though, the matcha powder was the only product I truly tasted the stevia in.

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