Despite being two of the best Samsung phones you can buy today, the Galaxy S22 Ultra and its little siblings do not ship with a charger in the box anymore. Honestly, good riddance! The in-box charger would’ve been a 25W charger instead of something with a top charging speed of 45W available on the S22+ and S22 Ultra.

Samsung’s 45W Super Fast Charging is built upon Programmable Power Supply, a specialized certification within the Power Delivery umbrella. While PPS is showing up on more lower-wattage chargers, it started — and remains the most future-proof — on laptop-grade chargers. Whether you want a charger that will charge your S22 Ultra and your laptop at full speed at once, or you need a super-small 45W charger to live in your purse or pocket, we’ve gathered the best 45W Galaxy S22 Ultra chargers right here.

What if I have a regular Galaxy S22? That’s okay, too. Each of these chargers will charge the Galaxy S22 at up to 25W. (Just remember, folks, you’ll only see the highest of high speeds when your phone is close to dead and not overheated.)

Save money buying more wattage than your Galaxy S22 Ultra needs

You can only reach charging speeds of 45W on the Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra, no matter how powerful the charger might be. So why would you buy a beefier charger? Popularity and economy of scale.

See, 45W may be the speed that the Galaxy S22 Ultra and basically all Chromebooks use, but most laptops in the USB-C age charge at rates from 65W-100W. This means there is a bigger market for 65W chargers and 100W than for 45W, especially as higher-speed PD chargers can still charge lower-wattage devices like your phones or wireless earbuds. Since 65W chargers sell more frequently than 45W, it’s easier for companies to make them at a larger scale for a lower price. Frequent sales then help each model stand out from a very, very crowded pack.

The best Galaxy S22 Ultra chargers are flexible

Back in the Note 20+ era, Samsung’s 45W Super Fast Charging Wall Charger was the only 45W charger you could trust; these days, reliable PPS chargers that work with Samsung’s unique charging profiles are plentiful and affordable. We particularly like the Baseus 3-port 65W charger, which typically costs just over $35 but is still powerful enough to charge many USB-PD-capable laptops, including the best Chromebooks. It’s got three USB ports, and even if you are topping up two devices simultaneously, the top USB-C will still deliver enough power to charge any Galaxy S22 series phone at its maximum speed.

In other multi-port chargers, our premium pick – Satechi’s 100W charger – packs tons of power in a relatively compact space gray chassis. Its two USB-C ports can simultaneously charge a Galaxy S22 Ultra and a Galaxy S22 at their top speed. Plus, the charger also looks neat thanks to its dual-tone design and won’t stick out like a sore thumb on your desk.

But if you prefer single-port chargers, the Nekteck 45W USB C Wall Charger and the Spigen 45W ArcStation Pro are pretty good. While the NekTeck charger comes with a permanently attached cable, Spigen bundles a USB-C cord in the box. So you won’t have to worry about a fast-charging cable with either of the two.

For a little more elegance and less “block sticking directly out from an outlet,” Ugreen also offers a 100W 4-Port Desktop Charger, charging two Galaxy S22 Ultras at max speed. If you and your partner are both Ultra or S22+ users, this is a perfect travel charger when you might need to snake the cable back behind the bed in a hotel room.

As a final note about charging the Galaxy S22+ and Ultra at 45W, your cable matters, too, not just the changer. This is why many PPS chargers come with a cable in the box to get your proper speeds (and don’t claim the charger is broken and return it when your ratty old cable was to blame). If your charger doesn’t come with one, make sure to grab one of the best USB-C cables, ideally a cable rated to 100W of power (a 5 amp cable with e-marker chip).

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