Unless you’re willing to pay over $300 for earbuds, you need to find a balance of what features you want in yours. An important one is, of course, battery life. You want your earbuds to last you a long time, and you also want them to have lots of features. How does 14 hours of battery life sound? This is exactly what Beyerdynamic is offering with their its BYRD ANC second-gen.

Beyerdynamic is a company that’s known for its many audio products. These range from speakers to ultra-premium headphones, and of course, we also have earbuds. We’ve reviewed some of the company’s products in the past. The second-generation Blue BYRD ANC are not set to disappoint, as they have plenty of battery life in addition to offering a range of premium features.

The earbuds themselves are not truly wireless — both earbuds are connected to each other through a cable. This is a bit of an older, dated design by this point, but it gets the job done. More importantly, it allows these earbuds to reach an insane 14 hours of battery life with ANC off and 8 hours and 15 minutes of battery life with ANC on. Most true wireless earbuds get you about 24 hours of battery life once you account for the charging case, but the earbuds themselves can get around 8 hours as most. Having no charging case, these definitely need to make up for it with good battery life.


The good thing, however, is that a 10 minute charge can get you about 2 hours of playback. More importantly, these come with all creature comforts you would want from earbuds in 2023. These include ANC, as we’ve hinted to before, and they also support Qualcomm aptX, AAC, and Qualcomm cVc for an all-around solid listening experience. As for other specs, these have Amazon Alexa built in and support Siri and Google Fast Pair, making these a great fit regardless of your smartphone.

They come with 5 pairs of ear tips, a USB cable, and a carry case. They are even IPX4 certified, ensuring the party is still going regardless of where you’re listening with them.

The earbuds are now available from $149 from Beyerdynamic’s store and Amazon, so make sure to get yours now.

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