Serverless JavaScript is hosted in an edge network or by an HTTP caching service (and only runs when requested), explains Cloudflare. “Developers can write and deploy JavaScript functions that process HTTP requests before they travel all the way to the origin server.”

Their platform for serverless JavaScript will soon have built-in AI features, Cloudflare’s CTO announced today, “so that developers have a rich toolset at their disposal.
A developer platform without AI isn’t going to be much use. It’ll be a bit like a developer platform that can’t do floating point arithmetic, or handle a list of data. We’re going to see every developer platform have AI capability built in because these capabilities will allow developers to make richer experiences for users…

As I look back at 40 years of my programming life, I haven’t been this excited about a new technology… ever. That’s because AI is going to be a pervasive change to how programs get written, who writes programs and how all of us interact with software… I think it’ll make us more productive and make more people programmers.
But in addition, developers on the platform will also be able to train and upload their own models to run on Cloudflare’s global network:
Unlike a database where data might largely be stored and accessed infrequently, AI systems are alive with moving data. To accommodate that, platforms need to stop treating data as something to lock in developers with. Data needs to be free to move from system to system, from platform to platform, without transfer fees, egress or other nonsense. If we want a world of AI, we need a world of data fluidity.

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