Twitter’s reinstating a right-wing influencer account, suspended for posting an image of child sex abuse, came after an already long day for new “CEO” Linda Yaccarino. She’s really just there to get Brands back on the toxic platform, and had to start working its impulsive rebranding as “X” into her pitches even before he dumped another bucket of trash on her desk. She’s trying her best, reports The Financial Times.

advertisers and talent agencies told the Financial Times they remain unimpressed with the shake-up, saying Musk quickly undoes any of the goodwill that Yaccarino creates. One advertising executive from a top agency said that the sudden unveiling of X “feels like nonsense”, adding: “Let’s see how [Yaccarino] can handle this.” Another advertising agency executive said: “I don’t get the point of the acquisition at all and wonder how much patience his investors have left.”

Musk making an exception to Twitter’s Child Abuse Material policy for one of the dumbest and most blatantly cynical Qanon/MAGA grifter/troll accounts was yesterdays’s reminder that there is no bottom. Today’s has yet to be unveiled!

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