Why pick up one of the regular lawnmower deals when you could grab yourself a robotic lawnmower that does all the hard work for you? Available at Best Buy for today only, you can buy the Greenworks Optimow Robotic Lawn Mower for $1,200 instead of $1,600. The sizeable $400 discount makes it that bit more tempting if you have a large garden, mobility issues, or simply hate cutting the lawn. The deal is only available for today so you have mere hours to make your mind up. Here’s some quick insight into what it offers.

Why you should buy the Greenworks Optimow Robotic Lawn Mower

Before you buy one, it’s a good idea to understand how robot lawn mowers work. They’re guided by boundary wires so only what’s needed is cut. Thanks to that, the Greenworks Optimow Robotic Lawn Mower is fully autonomous while being designed for larger lots. It’s best suited for 3/4 acre lots with a mowing area of around 1/2 acre. It can handle both flat and sloped ground, just like the best robotic lawn mowers so you don’t have to worry about an even surface. A brushless wheel and blade motors provide you with more torque so you get quiet operation and a longer lifespan.

We all like our lawn cut differently so the Greenworks Optimow Robotic Lawn Mower has a five-position adjustable cut height from between 2.4-inches to 4-inches to match your grass type. It’s suitable for several types of grasses, including Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, Bluegrass, Rey Grass, Kentucky 31, Tall Fescue, and St Augustine. With three pivoted cutting blades you can also micro-mulch the grass so there’s less need for fertilizer or the need to dispose of grass cuttings.

To further simplify the process, you can use the GreenGuide app to control and manage the Greenworks Optimow Robotic Lawn Mower from anywhere. It’s also possible to schedule times of day that work best for your schedule so the lawn always looks good. Fully integrated GPS tracking means you can always see what’s going on from the app and where the Greenworks Optimow Robotic Lawn Mower is.

The Greenworks Optimow Robotic Lawn Mower is usually priced at $1,600 but you can buy it for $400 off for today only at Best Buy. Reduced to $1,200, it’s sure to make your life easier and your yard looking so much nicer than before. If that sounds like what you need, buy it today.

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