Microsoft’s Bing Chat created quite a storm when it launched, but there were limitations to accessing it. However, in a sigh of relief for many users, the Microsoft account requirement, one of the major limitations of Bing Chat, is now officially gone.

Microsoft Announces Unauthenticated Access to Bing Chat

Michael Schechter, Vice President of Growth and Distribution at Microsoft, announced on Twitter that unauthenticated access to Bing chatbot is now rolling out to everyone. With unauthenticated access, you no longer have to log in with a Microsoft account to ask queries on Bing Chat.


There are no limitations to what type of questions you can ask on Bing Chat without a Microsoft account. There is no difference in the quality of answers provided when accessing it without a Microsoft account, either. You can also select “Creative,” “Balanced,” and “Precise” modes, just like those using a Microsoft account to access the chatbot.

However, unauthenticated chat access doesn’t include all the benefits of Bing Chat.

Unauthenticated Access to Bing Chat Has Some Limitations

If there is any real limitation to this unauthenticated access, it is the number of questions you can ask. Microsoft’s VP of Growth and Distribution has clarified that you only get five chat turns per session. A limit of five chat turns means you can ask five queries, and the AI chatbot will give you five responses in return.

You can easily bypass this limitation by logging in to Bing with your Microsoft account. You can create a Microsoft account easily if you don’t have one. After signing in to Bing with a Microsoft account, you will get 20 chat turns per session.

Give Bing Chat a Try Without a Microsoft Account

If the requirement of a Microsoft account was one only factor holding you back from using Bing Chat, now is the best time to give it a shot. However, you will still need a Microsoft Edge browser to use the chatbot. You can also use Microsoft Edge without creating a Microsoft account.

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