There is one sexual advantage to periods, however. Blood can act as a natural lubricant, so, once blocked, things can get a little dry. That’s where Nixit’s lube comes in. The organic, water-based lube requires only a pump or two to keep slick as long as you want and is totally safe to use with your go-to vibrator (or your hand, whichever you prefer). Based on my own experimentation with the Nixit lube, it’s definitely on par with R29 shoppers’ favorite top-rated lubricants. Plus, Nixit recommends using it to help with menstrual cup insertion, if that’s something you need some extra glide for.

Though leaks are an extreme rarity, this bundle also comes with cleansing wipes to pick up stray droplets (or if you need to empty your cup on the go) as well as a foaming wash for the cup, so you can keep it clean once your flow finally stops. The folks at Nixit have truly thought of everything, and I appreciate that they seem to have put as much thought into period masturbation as I have. And I’m especially grateful that includes making sure my May Masturbation Month plans remain undisturbed.

Whether your plans are with a partner, a fling, a hand, or a toy, you can get yours, too, period be damned.

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