Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has been taking lessons from Elon Musk’s “violent changes” at Twitter.

In an interview with NBC News Huffman says “my takeaway from Twitter and Elon at Twitter is reaffirming that we can build a really good business in this space at our scale.” More:

“As a company smaller than theirs, sub-$1 billion in revenue, I used to look at Twitter and say, ‘Well, why can’t they break even at 4 or 5 billion in revenue? What about their business do we not understand?’ Because I think we should be able to do that quite handsomely,” he said. 

“And then I think one of the non-obvious things that Elon showed is what I was hoping would be true, which is: You can run a company with that many users in the ads business and break even with a lot fewer people,” Huffman said. 

“They had to do some pretty violent changes and violent surgery to get there,” he adds. Well then! Buckle up, Redditors.

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