Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks were just 21 when they started their label in 2014 and became instant It Girls on the popularity of their candy-colored fur-trimmed coats. People are still talking about those pieces, but the brand has since phased out fur altogether and has moved on to a “wardrobe” approach to dressing, with a particular emphasis on leather outerwear and carpenter-style pants. 070 Shake was recently spotted in SP jeans on an outing with Lily Rose Depp, while Kylie Jenner wore one of their wispy silk halter-neck party dresses in July.

From the looks of their Instagram account, this well-connected duo lead charmed lives; as if to prove that point, the rain predicted to fall on the outdoor seaside setting of their spring 2024 presentation mostly stopped. Saks Potts has become known for incredible show venues, each of which amplifies an aspect of their lives. Last season it was Tivoli Gardens; this one was held in the suburb of Charlottenlund, where the pair, who have known each other since they were five, passed happy summers splashing in the water and having treats at the circular cafe, Horden Rund (Around the World), from which the new collection takes its name.

“What is super interesting and fun with this location is that normally we design a collection and then we find a location after,” said Potts at a preview, but “this time we actually found the location [first.]” Saks added: “the main thing that we had in our minds when we started up the collection was travels and summertime.” From there they imagined what a woman might pack for vacation.

The designers made a convincing case for swimwear as ready-to-wear, pairing a bikini top with skirts long and short, and a maillot with cropped pants. Shirting is an SP speciality and the clear sequins applied to a brown and white striped cotton was a nice way to transition that look into something dressier. They also revived the dress-over-pants look, a Scandi-style staple. One of the hero pieces was the pair’s take on the pique polo shirt, in sherbet hues. Coming on the heels of the non-jean jeans at couture, there was a terrific “denim” set made of printed leather, the jacket with a fresh collarless shape. Metallic silver pants gathered above the ankle had a festive feeling.

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