Google’s advanced autocomplete is finally available

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it much easier to perform everyday tasks, including communicating. Google has an ML-powered utility called Smart Compose, which takes the concept of autocomplete to the next level by suggesting entire phrases to finish sentences you’re typing out. The feature already helps alleviate the burden of repetitive writing in Docs and Gmail. Now, Smart Compose is rolling out to Google Chat on the web.


Not to be confused with the recently introduced Magic Compose beta that uses AI to suggest complete message replies, Smart Compose only suggests short phrases to complete your sentences. The latter is a predictive feature that understands your writing style and frequent phrases to spit out suggestions you can accept with one tap. Google recently announced this feature is available to Google Chat users on the web as well.

With this change, you probably won’t need to type out complete sentences repeatedly, because Smart Compose will cut in and try to autocomplete it for you using the appropriate punctuation, grammar, and tone. Of note, Google Chat on the web also supports Smart Reply, which is like a half-step between Smart Compose and Magic Compose that suggests short phrasal responses to chats you receive. You can now use Smart Compose to flesh out a Smart Reply, or just rely on the auto-generated Smart Reply if you want to work super efficiently.

Smart Compose for Google Chat is already rolling out in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. It should be available for all users on the web by July 11, and will be switched on by default. There’s no restriction by the type of account, meaning all Personal and Workspace account holders will have access. Meanwhile, Google Chat is also making it easier to organize conversations, so inactive chats and Spaces don’t distract you.

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