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For many people, the final destination of used electronics is the second-hard market. When they’re broken, though, they normally end up in a landfill. This DIY project tried a different approach: turning an Apple Watch into a normal mechanical watch.

While smartwatches could last a few years at most, mechanical watches are pieces that can stay working for way longer and are never obsolete. With this in mind, NanoRobotGeek on YouTube grabbed an Apple Watch Series 1 (the original) and opted to make it into an actual, mechanical watch using a Seiko NH38 watch movement, the frame and bands of the Apple Watch, and other miscellaneous parts.

The result? A smartwatch that’s not smart anymore, but can continue functioning for a few years longer — and is not subject to whether or not Apple says it’s obsolete. Of course, with it being an actual watch, the most that you can do on it is see the time. But it’s completely fully functioning, and to be fair, it’s also pretty stylish.

It’s no Rolex, but it keeps the essence of the Apple Watch and you don’t even have to worry about its battery life. To me, that’s a win-win.

Source: Instructables

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