Any woman who’s experienced pregnancy will tell you that it’s never easy to go through. There are so many inconveniences that pregnancy can cause, but there are also now ways in which technology can help ease the process and make it a little more manageable.

Here are five great apps you can use if you are expecting.

1. Pregnancy +

The Pregnancy + app is great for tracking the progress of your pregnancy over time, through each trimester. It is best if you know your due date, or approximate due date, when signing up for the app, as that will allow the app to more accurately track your pregnancy.

The app also features a calendar with daily tips, tricks, and facts on just about everything surrounding pregnancy. You can read up about the most important things to do, or to avoid, and can learn about the changes that will be taking place in your body through each trimester.

You can also write out a birth plan for the inevitable day of labor, as well as keep track of appointments, and other important factors, such as your weight. There are even guides available that will aid you along the way.

What’s more, Pregnancy + lets you view sample photos from ultrasound and 3D scans of babies around your little one’s age, so you can get an idea of what they currently look like.

If you’re looking to keep active throughout your pregnancy, Pregnancy + also offers a section with exercises that you can do while pregnant. This also includes yoga sessions. However, this feature is only available on the app’s premium version.

The premium version of Pregnancy + costs $3.99 monthly, or $29.99 annually.

Download: Pregnancy + (Free, premium version available)

2. Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker allows you to learn all about your body and your baby as the weeks and months of your pregnancy pass. Each week, the app will tell you how your uterus is growing, as well as your baby, by giving you comparative examples. You will receive daily updates on your pregnancy, each of which will give you a little fact about your baby.

The app will also give you the approximate length and width of your baby, even when you’re just a few weeks pregnant. It will notify you of key phases, such as reaching each trimester, and when your little one develops from embryo to fetus.

The app offers some other beneficial features on top of tracking, including a Braxton Hicks contractions tracker, and a tracker for your own body weight throughout your pregnancy.

Download: Pregnancy Tracker (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. amma Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

amma is an easy-to-use and informative app that keeps you in the know during each stage of your pregnancy.

When you sign up to amma and provide your baby’s due date, gestational age, or conception date, the app will provide you with all the information you need, including your baby’s size and developmental stage.

But it’s not all about the baby. amma also ensures to provide you with tips on how to keep yourself happy and healthy during your pregnancy. You can check out the app’s nutritional tips (including foods to go for and foods to avoid), and have a look at the advice section to find out more interesting facts, such as the aging of your placenta. You can even find advice if you’re expecting twins!

If you want to get involved, you can also comment on posts and interact with other users so that you can learn more about pregnancy, your baby, and even find parenting tips.

amma also offers other tools, like a kicks counter and a weight gain chart. This may be useful if you’re looking to lose the baby weight post-birth.

amma can be used for free, but also offers a premium version that removes all ads. The ads shown on amma can be a little lengthy and frustrating, so you may want to upgrade if they’re really affecting your experience. It costs just a few dollars a year to use amma premium, and the longer the subscription you sign up for, the more money you get off.

Download: amma (Free, premium version available)

4. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia, like many of the other apps mentioned here, allows you to track your pregnancy, keeping you informed on how far along you are, and what trimester you are in. However, this app has more of a focus on your own health as an expecting mother.

The app has a special conditions feature, that allows you to log any specific health conditions you may have, as well as a prenatal vitamin reminder, and a weight tracker, all of which can help you log your health, and the changes that may happen to your body throughout your pregnancy journey.

The app also allows you to read up about a number of topics surrounding your pregnancy, including nutrients that are important for you, and things you can do to still enjoy yourself during your pregnancy, like making mocktails. It also allows you to read up about your baby at the specific stage of your pregnancy you may be in.

The app also has a health feature, which advises you about female health and pregnancy health based upon a set of specific questions you are requested to answer. Of course, if you do not feel comfortable answering certain questions, the app allows you to skip them.

Lastly, the app has a community feature, where you can talk to other mothers, and expecting mothers. You can ask, or answer, questions about pregnancy, and see what other women are experiencing.

If your baby’s father wants to be as involved as possible in your pregnancy, we have a list of great pregnancy apps that expectant dads will love.

Download: Ovia Pregnancy Tracker (Free)

5. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker provides you with an array of useful information about your growing baby. Throughout each trimester, and with each passing week, you’ll receive new facts about your baby’s size, developmental stage, and what you can expect at your current stage of pregnancy.

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker also has its own social forum known as the Birth Club. Depending on the month of your baby’s due date, you’ll be added to a community of others whose babies are set to be born in the same month. You can post your own thoughts and questions, and interact with other moms-to-be.

Download: BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker (Free)

Allow These Apps to Take Some of the Pressure off Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a hard and emotional journey, and, though there is nothing that can make it stress-free, these apps can help you keep on top of everything by tracking and monitoring your own journey. Who knows, these apps may even allow you to learn something interesting about being a mother-to-be!

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