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While you could make a DIY compost bin, grab cheap composter, and try the laziest ways to compost, this Reencle Prime Food Waste Composter is nice and easy, and it’s on sale for $488.99 right now (reg. $699).

Five hundred dollars isn’t cheap for a composter, but you may not want to deal withor have the space fora regular compost bin. Or you might just want to be fancy, and this composter has a three-layer filter system that prevents odor, it runs quietly at 28dB (like the sound of a whisper), and you’ll get the added convenience of having it right in your kitchen where it’s easy to toss in scraps.

This Reenacle Composter was one of the Good Housekeeping Institute’s top CES 2023 picks. It runs around the clock—just throw in any otherwise wasted food.

Reencle: Kitchen-to-Garden Fertilizer Composter

Instead of your food scraps ending up in a landfill, the Reencle composter turns them into plant fertilizer. It uses a low-maintenance ReencleMicrobe that doesn’t need to be replacedjust keep adding food waste into the composter and scoop out the fertilizer once it looks full, and use the fertilizer for your house plants or garden.

You can get the Reencle Prime Food Waste Composter for $488.99 right nowr (reg. $699), though prices can change at any time.

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