Receiving a ban from a Twitch channel you enjoy can be a painful and frustrating experience. When you get banned, you automatically lose access to that streamer’s chat. You can’t talk or see what other people are saying, which can ruin your experience.

If you’ve been banned from your favorite channel, there’s still a way to fix the problem. In this article, we’ll help you understand why you might have been issued a ban from a specific channel, show you how to appeal it, and give tips for avoiding future bans.


Common Reasons Why a Twitch Streamer Might Ban You

Though creators can ban viewers for whatever reason they choose, here are some of the most common reasons for receiving a ban on Twitch:

1. Inappropriate Messages in Chat

What constitutes an “inappropriate” chat message will differ from channel to channel. Most Twitch channels will have the chat rules clearly written in their About section, so be sure to check before participating in the chat.

Examples of inappropriate messages could be swearing, bullying, sexual content, hate speech, or spamming the same message repeatedly.

Examples of seemingly innocent messages that could still result in a ban are typing in all caps, mentioning your age (especially if you’re a minor) or other personal details, or posting links.

2. Self-Promoting Your Twitch Channel

Many streamers dislike self-promotion and have rules against it. If you’re a streamer and mention your own channel or content, this could result in a ban. There are many other ways to build a viewership on Twitch, so avoid spamming other people with your content. Mentioning other streamers is also frowned upon in the Twitch community.

3. Backseating

Backseating occurs when chatters tell the streamer how to play a game. Demanding that the streamer play the game in a certain way (even if you ask nicely) could result in you being banned from the channel.

4. Spoilers

If the streamer is playing a game that you’ve already played before, and you make a comment that could be considered a spoiler, you may receive a ban.

How to Appeal a Ban on Twitch

In order to appeal your ban, navigate to the channel where you received the ban and click on Chat. Even if the streamer isn’t live, you’ll still be able to access the chat. Click Request Unban. You’ll need to write a message here, so use the opportunity to apologize in a professional way or explain the situation if you believe you were banned unfairly.

Some streamers have a cooldown on how quickly you can appeal your ban. If you’re unable to submit a request, wait 24 hours and try again.

How to Prevent Future Bans on Twitch

If you want to keep watching your favorite streamers, chatting, and receiving Twitch Drops without the fear of being banned, here are some guidelines:

  • Read the stream rules in the About section thoroughly before chatting.
  • Ask the streamer (or mod, if applicable) for clarification if there’s a rule you’re unsure about.
  • Read Twitch’s Community Guidelines for further guidance on how to conduct yourself on the platform.

Enjoy Twitch to the Fullest

Though it can be disheartening to receive a ban from your favorite streamer, there’s a chance you may be allowed to participate in chat again. By requesting an unban with a written apology or explanation, hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy your Twitch experience once more. There are lots of tips and tricks for how to enjoy Twitch to the fullest if you know where to look.

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